Geology Dissertation Topics – 20 Problems You Can Investigate

When it comes to writing a geology dissertation, in order to think of a good topic, it can be a good idea to first think of various problems that you may wish to investigate. You can then explore these ideas further, in order to help you to develop good ideas to write about.

For some examples of the kind of problems that you may wish to investigate, the following outlines 20 possible ideas.

  • An analysis of the movements of a particular glacier over the past century, with a particular focus on any factors that may have led to an increase or decrease of speed

  • An analysis of coastal erosion in a particular region and what impact it will have on the local area

  • What can be done to minimize the effects of coastal erosion?

  • A comparison of geological features of rocks in mountainous areas in comparison to rocks that can be found in or near lakes and other bodies of water

  • A comparison of the effects of salt and freshwater on geological features

  • How can rocks be used to identify and analyze the climatic conditions of the past?

  • A study of hydrothermal vents and the geological features found within

  • What political, environmental, and cultural challenges do geologists face when trying to study rocks and other geological features in various regions around the world?

  • How safe is it for geologists to study active volcanoes?

  • Discuss the history of our knowledge of plate tectonics and how modern day technology is able to give us a better understanding than ever before

  • To what extent can computer modelling be used to learn more about the structure of the earth?

  • What important discoveries by geologists have been used in order to further prove the theory of evolution?

  • Using modern day technology, what can geologists say about the possibility of climate change occurring and how it might affect the future?

  • Other than studying the effects of earthquakes, how can seismic technology be used by geologists?

  • What methods can be used in order to detect the location of useful and precious hydrocarbons and other important geological deposits?

  • What causes sinkholes and can they be prevented?

  • The use of geology discoveries in relation to agriculture and other rural businesses

  • A discussion of changing landscapes in relation to erosion patterns

  • What influence has pollution and other relevant factors since the Industrial Revolution had on the accuracy of geological studies?

  • An analysis of lava flows on the Hawaiian Islands