How To Come Up With Your Own Dissertation Topic On Education

If you are trying to come up with your own dissertation topic on education, this does not necessarily mean you can’t find inspiration from elsewhere. In fact, not only is it acceptable to look elsewhere for inspiration, but it is probably advisable too.

For example, you may wish to look for sample papers that other people have written, many of which will be published online, thus making them easy to find. Alternatively, you may wish to look for ideas in various articles that might be published in educational magazines, as well as any articles that are published in newspapers or any other sources that may not necessarily be directly related to education.

Of course, you shouldn’t copy any ideas directly; however, it is entirely appropriate to look at the titles that other people have used so as to help to inspire you when thinking of your own. You can then use various brainstorming ideas to try and expand upon any ideas that you have found, so as to think of your own dissertation topic to write about.

In fact, if you’re looking for further inspiration, then you may well find the following topic ideas to be of use.

  • Describe the role that the headmaster plays in the running of a school

  • Are the high costs of a college education worth it financially, in comparison with the increased earning power that may result when students gain further qualifications?

  • Is enough been done to ensure that young people are educated in subjects that will be relevant in future careers, and beneficial to society as a whole?

  • Analyze the role of a teacher, and whether teaching is a natural talent, or whether it can be taught to almost anyone

  • Compare and contrast the use of school uniforms in the educational system, including what influence wearing a school uniform has on individuals in later life

  • Compare and contrast the success of students who study courses that are largely assessed with the use of essays in comparison to those that are largely assessed with examinations

  • Compare and contrast the education of students in the 21st century with those 50 years ago, and analyze whether or not modern students are under more pressure

  • Compare and contrast the use of single-sex educational institutions with mixed schools

  • What impact has the Internet had on the educational system?

  • To what extent do students cheat in various aspects of the education?