How To Come Up With A Good Nursing Doctoral Dissertation Title

When writing your nursing dissertation you may think all the hard work is held within the body of the paper. Well, you’re exactly right, but it’s also true that having a good title sets your paper above the rest. Make sure you reserve enough time to write an adequate title.

Importance of the title

What purpose does a title serve? What can it do for you? How does it add to or subtract from the quality of your nursing doctoral dissertation? Can it generate interest? A great title has the following characteristics and benefits:

  • It makes all the difference you can imagine.

  • It means your paper will be more widely read.

  • It grabs the attention of potential readers.

  • It should entice the reader to continue reading your dissertation.

  • It is vital to the success of your paper.

  • It doesn’t matter how insightful your research is, if your title is flat your paper will fall flat too.

  • Make sure it can grab someone’s attention.

  • Insert a hook that will reel people in.

  • Be short and concise yet make it as many words as acceptable within your field because that gives you more wiggle room to get your hook worded expertly.

  • Whatever you promise in the title, make sure you deliver in your dissertation.

  • Add controversy if appropriate but avoid humor unless you’re 100% sure it will work.

  • Include a question in the title directly related to your paper.

  • Include a benefit or direction of thinking in the title if appropriate.

  • Use an emotional or psychological trigger if it works.

  • Use power words but make sure they’re not over-inflated.

Strategies for using your content to create your title

Your title should incorporate the research you’ve done for your nursing doctoral project. It’s kind of like a mini summary of your entire body of writing. If a reader could only have the title and none of your other written work to know what your paper is all about, what essential facts would you need them to know?

Find a quote that matches your theme or thesis statement. Look through your paper and find several themes or main ideas and think how they are related together. Now condense this down to one sentence and see how it sounds. You can also ask friends or fellow students to read your paper and then tell you in one sentence what it all means. Write down your favorite answers and then re-word them into your own words to create your title.