Top 22 Ancient History Dissertation Topics You Should Consider

Choosing a topic for your history dissertation is quite a serious task since it’s very easy to get lost in a variety of different time periods and past events. Go narrow and explore a particular historical period, for example ancient history, in search of your topic.

What to Write about in a Dissertation in Ancient History

Ancient history covers a range of past events from the beginning of recorded human history to the Early Middle Ages. You may focus on a particular culture, e.g. ancient Rome, Greece, India, Africa, etc. You may study the social, political, or economic development of a particular civilization. You may go deeper into religion and philosophy, science and technology, or warfare and maritime activity in the civilization of your choice.

Inspiring Ancient History Dissertation Topics

  1. Pericles as a leader: how did he influence the political and social life of the Hellenic World?

  2. Heroes of the Ancient World: who were they?

  3. What political trends under the early emperors of Rome can be traced?

  4. Equestrian rights in ancient Rome: what were they like under different emperors?

  5. Depiction of the reign of Tiberius in the Annals by Tacitus.

  6. Punic Wars, Macedonian Wars, and the wars against Antiochus III the Great: what were the military operations like in the Ancient World?

  7. Reasons for the expansion of Rome: could this phenomenon be predicted?

  8. Slavery in ancient Egypt: how was it similar to or different from the slavery in other ancient countries?

  9. Law in ancient Rome: what were the major legal principles and practices in Rome?

  10. Economy of the Roman Empire: can it be treated as a market economy?

  11. Women in ancient Greece and Rome: how were they treated and what role did they play?

  12. Origins of entrepreneurship: did the first entrepreneurs really come from ancient Mesopotamia?

  13. What were the attitudes towards death and immortality in the Ancient World?

  14. What can the excavations of ancient Rome tell?

  15. What are the origins of Vedic culture and what is the role of the Indo-Aryan migration in its development?

  16. Education in ancient India: what was it peculiar for?

  17. Art of the Etruscans: how can it be interpreted now?

  18. What symbols are hidden in early Celtic religions?

  19. In search of the lost cities of ancient Africa: what can they tell?

  20. Ancient Maya: what was their world like?

  21. Art in Roman Britain: what was it known for?

  22. Games and recreation: what tendencies can be traced from ancient Rome to nowadays?